The Haul to End All Hauls

Would that it were so. I could probably pay off my student loans a decade sooner. Anyway, here are the polishes I've acquired over the last couple of months, in no particular order.

I'm not a good brick and mortar retail shopper, especially in the winter when I get easily overheated in my giant puffy coat. I generally only go into a retail store with a list and a plan, so places like TJMaxx, with their unpredictable stock and messy piles of merchandise, are usually too stressful for me. But I had some time to kill after the gym one day (my gym is in the same building as TJMaxx), and decided to see what was what in their nail polish bins. Turns out there is some good stuff there! The Sally Hansen was $.99 and the rest were $2.99. Bargain! From left:

  • Sally Hansen Intimate - This is a white and baby pink matte glitter topper in a clear base with a terrible name.
  • OPI Bright Lights Big Color - Coral-y creme with gold shimmer. I am deep enough into nail polish now that I bought this even though I don't really care for coral because I didn't have anything like it in the stash (because I don't really care for coral).
  • China Glaze  I Love Your Guts - A metallic pink and black glitter texture polish from the 2014 Halloween collection. This is the pink sibling to "But of Corpse."
  • China Glaze Howl You Doin'? - a purple jelly with blue and orange glitter from the 2013 Halloween collection.
  • China Glaze Awaken - This is a blue gray metallic/frost from a spring 2009 Romantique collection. I went searching for swatches of this after I bought it and liked the rest of the collection so much, I bought a bunch more. FORESHADOWING. 

The only reason I stayed up until midnight on New Year's Eve was to buy some of the polishes from KBShimmer's birthstone collection. From left:

  • Peridot, Sapphire, Citron (my birthstone), and Aquamarine - I haven't tried any of these yet for some dumb reason but they are on my short list.
  • Brrr-tiful Dreamer - This is a grayed out purple crelly with red, silver, and blue glitters that I happen to be wearing right now. And I hate to say this, but this is not doing it for me. There's nothing wrong with the polish itself, but as pretty as the color is in the bottle, it is underwhelming on my nails. 
  • A Raisin to Live - I love every glitter jelly polish from KBShimmer so I'm pretty sure I'll love this one.
  • Clearly On Top - My go to topcoat these days.

These are polishes I randomly picked up on my travels. Again from left:

  • Sinful Colors Holiday Rebel - I didn't wear this over Christmas and I doubt I will wear it before next Christmas, but it just feels right to have a red and green glitter topper handy, just in case. 
  • Sinful Colors Star Studded - Man, this is a pretty polish. I stood there in Walgreens swirling the bottle and watching it like a snow globe far longer than was socially acceptable and I'm frankly surprised nobody called the cops. Here it is over Native War Paints Classic Essentials Alison, which is what I wore for Christmas. 

Sinful Colors Flake Out - I think I need to accept the fact that I don't care for big old glitters. They never look as good on my nails as they do in the bottle. Since they don't lie flat, I pick at them obsessively, and that's no good. This is kind of a "This soup is terrible and the portions are too small" complaint, but Flake Out requires extensive fishing to get those big snowflake glitters out, too. You can see that the fill line is down a little, and that's because I dumped out a puddle of this to get the snowflakes out for this mani:

  • Sally Hansen Eyelet - I wanted a white matte glitter topper and was thinking of China Glaze Chillin' with My Snowmies (I'm rolling my eyes at that name, FYI) but there are those big glitters again. I really like Eyelet better - smaller glitters and it applied really nicely. I'm wearing this one here: 
  • Sally Hansen Pixel Perfect - I picked this up at Jewel Osco because I was grocery shopping and thought, "I don't have a black and white glitter topper and I need one of those." Hey, it's more interesting than thinking about the unit price of frozen spinach. 
  • Revlon Transforming Effects in Matte Pearl Glaze and Gold Glaze - Listen capitalism is garbage and convincing people that they should be loyal to brands is one of capitalism's greatest scams but I love Walgreens and I hate CVS but CVS was having a big end of the year beauty stuff clearance sale so I bought these two polishes there on super sale. Take that, capitalism.  

I watched Phoebe Moon's swatch and review of the China Glaze House of Color collection for this spring and was totally smitten with these five polishes. I ordered these five and the next three from Head2Toe Beauty, which is where you should get all of your China Glaze polishes because they are cheap as heck there! From left:

  • Don't Be Shallow - Pretty pretty light blue creme. 
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Sun - I don't really like yellow polishes but I am totally here for this one because I think it's going to be awesome as a base for nail art and for gradients. 
  • Let's Chalk It Out - I've already used this one twice! It's got a really good formula for such a light color. I don't usually care for such delicate pinks (like, you can miss me with the entire OPI Hello Kitty collection) but this one just called to me. 
Let's Chalk It Out is the base color, and I used Don't Be Shallow in the gradient. 

Let's Chalk It Out is the base color, and I used Don't Be Shallow in the gradient. 

There's Let's Chalk It Out again on the pinky and index finger, with Don't Be Shallow making a brief appearance on the lightning bolt. 

There's Let's Chalk It Out again on the pinky and index finger, with Don't Be Shallow making a brief appearance on the lightning bolt. 

  • Come Rain Or Shine - It's 100% Phoebe's fault I bought this one as I was planning to skip it until I saw her video. 
  • Chrome Is Where the Heart Is - Give me all of the frosty brush stroke-y polishes. All of them. 

I said give me all the frosty brush stroke-y polishes and I meant it, dammit. Here are the other three China Glaze polishes I bought from Head2Toe Beauty, all from the same 2009 Romantique collection from which Awaken came. From left they are Admire, Cherish, and Joy. 

It's true that I've talked a little trash about Floss Gloss on here before, so why, you may be wondering, did I purchase five Floss Gloss polishes? Well, let me tell you. I actually purchased six Floss Gloss polishes from a fellow polish enthusiast on Instagram. Alas, because it was like one degree on the day they were delivered, one of the six (a purple that I don't remember the name of) broke. In cleaning up the other wee Floss Gloss bottles, the acetone dissolved some of the gold on the caps. So hence these sorry looking bottles. These colors are also out of my wheelhouse. Still, I jumped on the chance to buy them second hand as an affordable way to add some pastels to my stash. From left, these are Wet, 95% Angel, Baby Baby, Pony, and Wavepool. 

It is possible that these are actually Wavepool, 95% Angel, Baby Baby, Pony, and Wet. I can't really tell those greens apart to be totally honest. 

Last but not least, a new indie for me: Scofflaw Nail Varnish, made right here in good old Chicago. From left we have Diamond Dogs, Fire Imp, and Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her. I saw a swatch of Diamond Dogs on Instagram and I'm not exaggerating when I saw that my mouth dropped open. It's so gorgeous. Here it is on my nails:

And I'll leave you with a song: