What the hell is this shit? 

What the hell is this shit? 

What possessed you to create yet another blog about nail polish?

I needed a hobby, and as a hobby, painting my nails has a lot to offer. It's relatively inexpensive, depending on how you approach it. Whatever your skill or knowledge level, you've got the instant gratification of shiny pretty nails to look at for a few days. There's room to improve (lots of room to improve in my case). There's science, sparkliness, a community of like-minded individuals, and so many shiny pretty colors. And it's all mine, something I do just for me (although the kid does like cat decals), a room of my own on the tips of my fingers. 

So but I wanted to track my progress as I improved my skills. I started an Instragram account (@jennyoctonails) but had way too much to say for an Instagram caption. Thus yet another nail blog was born.

What makes this blog any different from any other blogs?

Well, I'm older than a lot of nail polish enthusiasts, so I've got that going for me. Also I curse a lot. 

Do you review products or swatch polish?

Nope. That's way too much like work. At the first inkling this blog turns into anything other than a diverting hobby, I'll get angry and close it down (And You Will Know Me By The Trail Of Abandoned Blogs). Anything I talk about I bought with my own dollars, received as a personal gift, won in a contest, or found in a box in the alley.

What about tutorials?

Holy shit the only thing I could teach anybody is maybe some creative new ways to completely fuck up a manicure. I'm not ruling it out one day if I get much, much better at this, suddenly receive a financial windfall that allows me to finance a proper camera setup, and also clean out the spare room that is current full of outgrown baby junk and coats I need to take to the cleaners before it gets cold again. But I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. 

Do you manipulate your photos or use filters?

Sometimes, yeah, but only to try to more accurately represent the color of the polish. If the original photo looks representative, I'll post it as is. I'm not sufficiently skilled to do any real next level photo manipulation, nor am I included to fuck with it, so I either apply an Instagram filter or I use the basic tools in the VSCO Cam app on my phone, or in Square Space's finicky, annoying baked-in photo editor.  

What's with the name?